Melissa Lewis

I work as a data reporter for Reveal/The Center for Investigative Reporting.

I’ve written code for data analysis, visualization and/or engineering since 2013. I’ve worked in newsrooms since 2016.

I'm glad you’re here.



Two pages, last updated September 2020.


This is a more comprehensive account of my work history, frankly because I don't have to fuss with typesetting it.


Here I expound my contributions to specific projects.


Mostly Python and this site.


I also do other things, listed in no particular order below.

Public speaking and teaching

I have seven years of experience speaking publicly, including teaching, typically at journalism and programming conferences. Recordings of some of these are available on YouTube.

Neglected Newsletter

I started a newsletter that I have neglected for nearly three years now. Someday maybe I'll relearn Jekyll configuration and neglect it here!

Get in touch

You can find my professional contact information here, or you can write to